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VW Experts

Each year our technicians attend National Conferences on VW Repair and Diagnostics. You can trust that our skill level, tools, and experience will be above and beyond what is needed to fix your vehicle properly.


We are a BOSCH Authorized Service Center

Vasken,Thank you for taking such good care of me and my car. At 8 years old, it drives like new again! We had a great time in Mexico with my like new Jetta. Thank you so much! - K. Manhattan Beach

- K. Manhattan Beach, CA

Get Your Volkswagen Repair Done By A Volkswagen Service Specialist

Volkswagen service & Volkswagen repair

We specialize in Volkswagen service and have over 40 years experience in Volkswagen repairs. Your Volkswagen (VW) requires special care by trained technicians and quality parts from a company who knows what to use. We have access to all the necessary information, training and quality parts to repair or service your Audi and Volkswagen.


Why Choose Us?
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Equipment & Tools
  • Knowledgable, Friendly, and Sincere Staff
  • Spotless Shop and Service Facility


VW Owner's Please Note Special Attention to:
  • Timing Belt Service

Proper maintenance of your VW will ensure it's longevity throughout the years, just look at the many Vanagons and Beetle's still on the road today. With that said, please feel free to come in and let us take a look at your car to ensure you are up to date with the right service and repair items, especially the timing belt."WE CARE if you return, Unlike the dealer, this is a family business that thrives on return loyal customers, thus we do our best to always provide the best service we possibly can- Vasken, Owner"We thank you for the referral of your friends and neighbors in the area and look forward to helping you.

We are conveniently located on Pacific Coast Hwy. We are your dealer alternative!