Range Rover Transmission &
Replace Valve Body Mechatronic TCU

Range Rover Transmission Experts

  • Rebuild Transmission
  • Valve Body Replacing & Reprogramming
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Work With Other Shops
  • Complete Transmission Repair


We Can Do Everything A Dealer Can & For Less

Dr Auto Tech has all the certifications and licenses needed to perfom any repair or service to your Range Rover.

This includes replacing and reprogramming valve body transmission control units and other TRP parts. We do it all and we only use genuine Range Rover OEM parts.

Bring your Range Rover to Dr. Auto Tech and we’ll take care of it from there.


Car must be brought into the shop and on-site to replace and reprogramming valve body transmission control units and other TRP parts.

Why Choose Us?

The Range Rover mechatronics’ have several well known complaints these include things like TTC clutch failure with overheating, harsh downshift, 2-1 downshift bump or 4-5 shift flare harsh upshift.

Replacing and reprogramming it addresses these common complaints.