• Oil Service (Recommended every 5,000 miles)
  • 15,000 Miles – Minor Service
  • 30,000 Miles – Major Service
  • 45,000 Miles – Major Service
  • 60,000 Miles – Major Service
  • 75,000 Miles – Minor Service
  • 90,000 Miles – Major Service
  • 105,000 Miles – Major Service
  • 120,000 Miles – Major Service
  • ***Check with us about recommended factory Timing Belt Replacement.***
  • Air Filter – Removes dust and other particulate matter from the air before it is introduced into the engine to be mixed with fuel and combusted. Because these tiny particles can act like miniature sandpaper inside an engine, wearing away at critical components, most automakers recommend routine air filter replacement. Check your owners manual for the correct interval.
  • Beam Blade – A new type of wiper blade that uses a pre-formed plastic frame instead of a metal frame to stretch a wiper blade across a windshield. Beam blades provide uniform wiping pressure and a generally superior wiping action than conventional wiper blades. Many also feature built-in airfoils designed to keep the wiper blades flush with the windshield at highway speeds.
  • Brake Fluid Flush – A maintenance service that removes all of a car’s old brake fluid via a machine that essentially vacuums the fluid from the system. The same machine then forces new fluid into the system, eliminating air bubbles that can cause brakes to feel “spongy.”
  • Cabin Air Filter – A new type of filter that removes dust, smog and other airborne contaminants from the air entering your car’s passenger compartment. Generally require replacement every 15,000 miles. Note that some upscale cabin air filters come with a layer of activated charcoal that can even remove odors from the air coming into your car.
  • Coolant Flush – A service offered by many automotive maintenance and repair facilities that uses a machine to forcefully extract, or flush, old coolant from a vehicle’s engine. New coolant is then forced throughout the system, ensuring that most old, spent coolant will be replaced.
  • CV Boot – A plastic or rubber boot that covers the constant velocity (CV) joint on many front-wheel-drive cars. The boot prevents dirt and debris from coming into contact with the CV joint, a factor that can shorten the life of the joint and necessitate its replacement. If found to be cracked or frayed, it is recommended that CV boots be replaced.

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